Number One Silver
So I was curious, David; are you actually fond of "Diamonds" or was it kind of a joke on The Spine liking preppy pop songs? Or did you just decide to see if you could break the fanmily? (Which you did quite effectively). Regardless, you did a great job. I used to hate that song and now I can't stop listening to the cover.

I’ll be honest.
The song was addictive for me, but it’s not my “favorite song”.
That was me being funny at a panel because I knew we were working on the YouTube cover video.

Save for the chorus, the lyrics are terrible.
Drinking alcohol and taking ecstasy (moonshine and molly) and looking at the night sky or something?! And then the sun comes out and hits her in the face or something? And she knew her and someone else would be something right away? WHA?!? I DON’T KNOW!
And then the chorus makes sense I think, it’s like Katy Perry’s “Firework” song with it’s “You’re awesome and beautiful and don’t let them get you down” kinda message, right?

Luckily songs are part melody and part lyrics.
Some excellent songs have terrible lyrics, but I think all songs need a semi-digestible melody to reach a wider audience. Because you know even with how fantastic it can be…not EVERYONE gets experimental jazz. ;)

As we all know pop songs are specifically engineered to be catchy, ear-wormy, and repeatable….which makes them catchy, stay in your head, and they just-so-happen to be fairly repetitious.

I like Rihanna though…she has a great voice and her live performances are commendable. I like the song. People eat this stuff up, and there is far worse music out there.

I am no hater. :)

And with that, I’d like to state for the record, that Steam Powered Giraffe will dabble in a bit of everything for the sake of diversity.
If you hate this video…go watch/listen to Rex Marksley, or Brass Goggles, or Honeybee, or Electricity, or Steamboat Shenanigans, or Hatch Fever….I think we have something for EVERYBODY.

We’re having fun.