Number One Silver

Had a dream/nightmare where I had to first plot and plan to kill my birth mother with a cinder block, but it bounced off her head (reoccurring dream ever since I can remember).

Then I was a passenger in a car and saw something slam down from space, then a giant explosion in the distance, followed by a huge tidal wave of water that engulfed everything. Luckily I somehow made it into some subway tunnels with Bunny where hundreds of other people were taking shelter, and everyone was just waiting for the water to come flooding in and die.

I was thirsty (in real life as I was sleeping too), but everyone was hogging up all the dozens of water fountains.
I went to search for more water fountains alone, and ran into two teenagers who were up to no go…wanted to steal something from a teacher’s desk. I didn’t figure this out untill they asked me to show them where “such and suchs’s” desk was. You always have super heightened detective/figuring out skills without any knowledge and dreams it seems. So apparently now there were class rooms in the subway.
They got to the desk, they took some chemicals in beakers from it, and then we walked out of the room. The teacher walked by and I immediately took the chemicals and threw them into the faces of the teenagers. They screamed and I shoved one of them off of some railing and he fell a few dozen stories, and then I tackled the other, took a lighter from his jacket pocket and set his face on fire…because apparently I knew the chemicals would be like acid, as well as be flammable.
The teacher was horrified and I screamed, “But they were planning to kill you!”

Then I woke up. o_o

Moral of the story.
You can’t get wet your whistle when it’s the end of the world.

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    You don’t dream often, seemingly (at least, not dreams that aren’t just about the everyday). But when you dream, you...
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    Is it bad that my brain was just “It must have been an organic acid, then?”
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    wow disturbing…
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