Number One Silver

Still sick.


  1. vcarynav said: Buuu! maybe you need some vitamins and rest a lot
  2. thegreattaco said: tea is usually good for sickness :) and just tastes good… get better soon!
  3. sazuka57 said: get well soon!
  4. lexile-the-exile said: You should just stop being sick. c:
  5. believinginbridges said: me too. I’d send you some homemade chicken soup but I don’t think it would still be good by the time it got to California….
  6. rileylaroux said: well knock it off
  7. miraclebot said: Garlic. Lots a garlic.
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    well then that explains it then i had no idea they existed back then
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    This was also back in like late August early September
  10. purplehairedmagicalgirls said: jesus man you have the immune system of a three year old. Get better soon!
  11. ash-nytemare said: I hope you get better soon. I drew a picture for you as a get well card, it’s tagged under your name.
  12. katherinemorag said: Aw, I hope you get better soon, sir.
  13. pantstrovich said: Well stop it. :p
  14. mangomango87 said: Right there with you. Get well soon!
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    Feel better soon sir! (thought the “sir” would help the sickness realize that this is important and it had better pack...
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    I know that feel, bro.
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    Yep, same. Except I don’t want to make a fool of myself by sending a stupid message. ;~;
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    David Mich-ill Bennett ;P but no, I hope you get rid of this illness soon
  21. hornedchick said: Poor thing, feel better soon!
  22. kitschywytch said: :< Feel better soon, man.
  23. rabbitoctopus said: *Hands cup of hot tea.*