Number One Silver

No more Steam Powered Giraffe’s “The 2-Cent Show” on!
After many months of pushing, we finally got Amazon to take down the “Disc-on-demand” version of The 2-Cent Show.

No more confused parents and grandparents emailing us about “it did not come with an art booklet!”

For those of you who are confused… sells the MP3s of our CDs (same with iTunes and other digital distributors), but Amazon has this program where people can order the MP3s burned onto a CD and they’ll ship it to you. It’s crummier, costs more for the customer than ordering from our website, and isn’t a double-fold-out digipak CD with a 32 page art booklet.
SPG also get a lot less money from the sale.

Needless to say, this confused lots of people.

You can only get our physical CDs from our website!
They won’t be burned versions slapped together by Amazon.
(You gotta read that fine-print on Amazon guys, it’s actually right next to the description that said “Audio-CD” in the same font size and everything. I suppose people buying gifts aren’t looking for that sort of thing when browsing Amazon.)

Although it takes a bit longer to ship to you due to us not being a giant company like Amazon with a gazillion workers and multiple warehouses and distributors…it supports the band…keeps the profits going to solely us (and not a large company)…and makes the entire band happy.

With that said…
I order things off of Amazon all the time…
Because heck…it’s convenient!

I know we got backed up during the holidays…sold out of everything…shipping times had to be extended…but I swear we’re pretty much caught up now…and we’ll be planning for the worst from now on. It was pretty impossible to know the gigantic surge of sales from November onward. How were we to know we were going to be popular for the holidays when all other years we weren’t? The internet is to blame.
I think it’s a swell problem to have though.
It just makes us look like incompetent business people to parents and whatnot. I suppose we do look like a giant company to the internet…I dunno…



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