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Just a small comment…

Hey all you SPG fans, just a friendly comment on something I’ve seen popping up on the internets and the SPG fanbase…

If someone wants to protect their copyright, they do have the legal means to do so. This goes for photography, art, music, and pretty much anything else that can be copyrighted. Steam Powered Giraffe tries to protect all of it’s songs and artwork and other artists are doing the same thing.
It’s their work.
They have the right to do whatever they want with it.
Nothing like this is public domain.
No “educational/personal/fair use” statement makes it okay. If you don’t have permission from the owner, they have the right to take it down. Holding the copyrights help a ton with this.
If they ask you to take something down, do it.
If it gets removed automatically on whatever internet site, accept it.
It’s a lot of work protecting copyrighted stuff and any created work in general, and the internet makes it tougher…since anyone can share anything with anyone at any given time.
Even small things that you may think are “ok to put up” are probably not. Ignorance is a fair excuse, I’ll give you that, but after that it’s still up to the owner. You get no say in it without consent.

Anywho, I don’t know any specific situations right now, as SPG has tons on it’s plate and we don’t have time to follow every comment and instance, so I am sorry if we haven’t been able to comment on anyone in particular, or reply to your messages, etc.
Let’s not joke around with copyright infringement.
Also, no one take it upon themselves to be the police of that either (unless you’re the owner).
If you’ve got something to say to warn people if you feel they might not know…do that as nicely as possible and leave them to their own demise/fate.
Most importantly of all, no one should be shunned for protecting their own work.
I understand some fans are young or they don’t understand or think it’s okay, but now’s the time to learn. The internet isn’t a giant playground. Intellectual properties are people’s life-work/income/passion. Sure Disney might not come after you for posting a picture on Facebook of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, but someone smaller than Disney might if you post their artwork without their permission, because it’s an uphill struggle fighting for your well earned copyright, and not everyone is a giant brand as easily recognized as Disney.
Let’s not destroy someone’s work because it was as simple as right clicking to save and re-upload it…or PRINT SCREEN and PASTE.
Giving “credit” is also irrelevant. If you didn’t get permission, then don’t be surprised when the owner takes action. It’s really as simple as, asking permission.
If you don’t get a response, then don’t do it.
Steam Powered Giraffe deals with a ton of this stuff every week for it’s own stuff. You can bet that we reply to the people who we want to grant permission to.

On one last note, play nicely fanmily.
Unless Bunny or I tell you to leave the fandom (which has never happened ever), you’re all welcome in our eyes.
You can bet that we don’t care how many people you upset, how many people you called bad names, and all of that. If you did something a bunch of other people didn’t like, well that’s all on you. Maybe you were in the right, and maybe the others were ravaging fans “ripping you a new one” for no good reason…it’s very possible. However, this stuff happens over and over again on the internet, and it’s nothing new…even with our fandom. Steam Powered Giraffe doesn’t condone any of this stuff and we send our apologies to both sides of any situation, no matter who is in the right. Unless you did something super illegal and it affects the band in a dire situation, you can probably assume that the members of SPG will not be coming after you. The worst we’d ever do is send you an email in regards to anything we’d be concerned about.
Bunny and I don’t play favorites and both of us, along with the other members of SPG love each and every one of you.
Play nice children.
Even you 18 - 90 year-olds.

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