Number One Silver

Alright, so GiraffeChat has been up for a few days on our official SPG fan forums (The Cavalcadium), but I am finally making a semi-official announcement about it outside of the forums.

Go ahead and check it out, sign up for the forums if you haven’t all ready, grab a Pet Giraffe, and all that jazz.

It has text chat, video chat, and some other bells and whistles like handwriting and a free-for-all whiteboard kinda drawing thing. All of that needs to be tested extensively. So far, it’s only been a few people and nothing has “broken” yet. It’s pretty basic right now, but I’ll try and continue to improve it in the future.

Since SPG will be at Youmacon this weekend, and we’ll be getting ready for all that this week, I won’t be able to fix anything immediately if bugs pop-up, but kindly post your experiences and any issues you have in the forums and I’ll make sure to check on all that once we get back.

Thanks all!

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