Number One Silver
Do you have any bad habits? ouo (it's weird I was thinking of asking you this and one of your answers popped up on my dash o_O; )

Like drugs?
No I am clean and always will be.
That includes alcohol and any casual drugs.
I don’t do any of that stuff.

More self-destructive bad habits?
Sure, but I think everyone has those…
I don’t bite my nails or anything…or pick at scabs…
I guess if I do have any of those kinds of bad habits they are probably pretty ignorable by myself.
Maybe Brianna my girlfriend can answer this?
Fingernail clipping on the floor and me just waiting till they get vacuumed up? I dunno. Maybe there’s things like that…
But you know how it is…
People are always disgusted at other people’s weird habits…while their own are perfectly fine for them.
All a matter of opinion.
I feel I am a pretty normal person to live with.
Which can’t be said about any of my other roommates in my past from my perspective.
'Cause you know…perspective is also a role in opinions. :)

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