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This song is called “Overdrive”.
It was an “idea” I wrote and recorded for a Steam Powered Giraffe song where we make fun of hip-hoppy-pop stuff while at the same time harmonizing on top of it all. I am not sure that’s what this recording of the song sounds like, but that was my inspiration.
I laid down all the vocals and tossed in a bunch of effects on top of everything after running it through Fruity Loops.

I don’t think there are enough “boom boom claps” in it though.
Too much pitch shifting chorus-ey effects.
Tempo not fast enough.
I got carried away with the some of the callback vocals and pitch shifting :/

This song is pretty old at this point…a few years.

The other band members and I joke all the time about making it a real song and fleshing it out and performing it live. I think we like it because of the rap in it. I am not sure.
Jon hates it.
Mike loves it.

I am not sure what compelled me to upload this rough song, but enjoy the super secret stuffs!!!

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    i’m still secretly afraid that this will become a real song one day
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    i think i play too much touhou because i thought it was this song at first Overdive - Iosys
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    Reblogging because the next gen of SPG fans must hear this
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