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This is the original version of “I am Not Alone”.
Some of you might own the “old” version of Steam Powered Giraffe’s Album One, and you might know how Erin “Upgrade” sang this song on the album…
I wrote the song for Upgrade.
She gave me one line of lyric that she wanted me to incorporate when I was creating the song, and I used it.

Believe it or not, Michael Reed and I recorded the entire song without Rabbit or The Jon. I played rhythm guitar, piano and sang the lead vocals. Mike did bass and drums. Mike then added harmonies and he had me add more harmonies on top of those. We then had Upgrade sing along to my vocal track and recorded her. My lead vocals were removed and that was that. When we kicked her out of the group, we re-did Album One, taking out all of her harmonies and putting in whatever “follow-along tracks” we had recorded for her to sing along to if any existed. We were actually going to keep I Am Not Alone in and just use the “original” recording that didn’t yet have Upgrade’s voice on it…
That didn’t happen obviously…and we went with “Ice Cream Parade” instead.

So here it is.
The original “I am Not Alone” before we replaced my lead vocals with Erin’s “Upgrades”. No one outside of the band has ever heard this before.
Also, you’ll have to excuse the weird cutoffs on some parts…as it was a placeholder track.

P.S. - Just imagine The Spine and Michael Reed doing a duet together :3

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