Number One Silver

We’ve made it! DisneyWorld!! (at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Ferry)


We’ve made it! DisneyWorld!! (at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Ferry)


Cards Against Humanity! (at Orlando Airport Marriott)


Cards Against Humanity! (at Orlando Airport Marriott)

All out of merch.

Well we had fun Orlando Nerd Fest, but it’s drawing near the end for us and we are completely sold out of merch.

Thank you to all the fans who came out and supported us!

Orlando Nerd Fest Schedule for Sunday
Today we plan on doing autographs at our merch table at 11:00am.

We only have a few items of merch left, so swing on by and purchase them!

What would you do if people made actual singing robots?
Just wondering if your harder better faster stronger cover will be avaliable on Amazon anytime soon? I appreciate your all incredibly busy but was just wondering what was happening as it no longer says anything about Amazon in the video description

We submitted it, but it has never gone through.

I’ve contacted our distributor and hopefully they’ll be able to give it a push.

I apologize if you've answered this already, but I looked back and couldn't find if you had. Do the bots charge for autographs? Working conventions has taught me never to assume one way or the other on the answer to that question xD

We do not charge for autographs. :)

Are you INTJ?

Are you a PBAJDBACS?

Did you have a new guitar for ONF?


But good eye.

We painted all the pickguards and neck adjustment rod plates on my guitar and Sam’s guitar red to match the color scheme of our violin bass.

Besides the keytar our instruments are now all super sleek and matching B)

Hey, David! I was the girl sitting on the couch next to Chelsea and you (with my mom). I just wanted to say thank you for hanging out next to us and engaging in conversation! It was definitely an awesome experience on my end. :)

The pleasure is all mine!

Hey David! With Carolina leaving, will another person replace her as a Walter Girl? Is there anyone planning on taking the spot? I'll miss her, but I'm excited for the new girl, new wig, and new fan art opportunities!

We already have a new Walter Girl lined up! Carolina let us know enough in advanced that we were able to make sure we had future shows covered, and while we will all miss traveling and performing with Carolina, we are also excited to bring a new person in on all the fun!

It’s not anyone the fandom knows, so don’t bother placing bets ;)

We plan on announcing and introducing the new Walter Girl sometime later this week, or at the very latest, early next week.

Her first show is scheduled to be at a certain convention we are attending in Ontario Canada :3

Hey David! I thought about how long SPG has been going on and it made me wonder... What will happen when you guys get older? Make-up can only hide so much haha ;) And obviously you guys can't do this forever, (Although, don't get me wrong, 80 year old robots would still be awesome x,D haha!) What does the future hold for the aging *non-ageing* robots? :)

When we get old enough we will die, just like anyone else who gets too old.

I hear you are quite a fan of Miss Amanda Palmer. So I think you might know the answer to this question. Is The Dresden Dolls a band of hers? Is she still in it? Forgive me if I am behind on anything, for I've only known about her through your influence and good comments towards her and her music.

Amanda Palmer was in The Dresden Dolls and that’s how I became a fan of her.

The band was mostly composed of her on piano and Brian on drums.

The band is no longer around, but Amanda Palmer is still off creating wonderful music, art, literature, and inspiring tons of young adults in life, love, and the arts :3

If you enjoyed even a bit of The Dresden Dolls, there’s plenty to love about her solo work :)

Hey, David-- just wanted to drop in and say you all really have made this the best weekend of my entire life, and getting to hug, chill, watch and take pictures with all of you guys just about made my year. (Or, y'know, life.) I appreciate you all being here and doing what you do. <3

Thanks for the love and support!
We’ve had a blast at Orlando Nerd Fest!


Firstly, most of the stuff I’ve read about my departure has been close to accurate. We (the band) officially announced my stepping down at a panel at Orlando Nerd Fest. I love this job and all the awesome people I’ve met at shows and conventions. But sadly, with another semester approaching I did…