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Just a curious question... Will the rest of Album One be uploaded to YouTube?

The plan is to have all of our albums on YouTube in official videos for each song. Most will simply be the song with album art. Bunny has been hacking away at it, but naturally we have our tentacles in a gazillion different projects and business dealings, shows, rehearsals, and recording take priority over everything else.

But yes, our songs on Youtube are just another way for people to listen to our music and support us…thanks to YouTube’s monetization…

This is all of course in addition to YouTube’s new music service…if it ever launches. Steam Powered Giraffe is already signed-on for that too. :)

What did you apply to the video for "I'll Rust With You" to give it that tracking effect where you and the others are centered and stable but the background is still moving? Was that something you did in post, or was it done with the cameras?

It’s a post processing effect called Warp Stabilizer.

I turned it up a bunch and in some of the shots it’s almost like the camera is stuck to some invisible anchor on us.

Maybe I’ll use less next time. :P

Are you still planning on being at Realmscon in Texas? I heard a rumor that you wouldn't be going to this convention due to lack of support.

We currently are scheduled to perform two concerts at Realmscon, one Friday October 3rd and one Saturday October 4th.

In the new video for "I'll Rust with You" is the audio also from that live performance, or is it the album version played over a live performance video? Thanks. :)

The sound of audience cheering in the beginning is taken from the live show, but the rest of the audio is from the album version of the song.

We’ve been filming some of our songs while at concerts because we find ourselves with less and less time to work on projects, due to all the shows we do monthly. So we kill two birds with one stone by filming some songs at our live shows.

Most of our songs right now match the tempo of the album versions, and this allows us to replace the audio with the studio album versions, and TADA a music video is done that took less effort than coreographing shots at a location or in front of a green screen.

That’s not to say we don’t have actual live show videos using the actual live show audio on our YouTube or won’t have more in the future…we do and we will.

That’s also not to say we won’t have non-live show footage music videos either…we’ll eventually find time to “go all out” on one, but for now we’re doing what we can with limited resources, time, and finances. :)

Hey David, I was wondering if you are okay with me making lyric videos of your songs because I got some hate about it and I figured I should ask if you are okay with them being up on youtube. I can take them down no problem if you are not :)

Most of Steam Powered Giraffe songs are okay to do this with, if they are an officially released on an album and are available for purchase somewhere.

Engineer-eteer exclusive stuff, including my solo stuff is not okay though. :)


Hey all!

Check out our newest music video, the 1950’s style inspired song, “I’ll Rust With You”, from our newest album MK III!

Our album MK III can be purchased directly from our website in CD form, or digitally through iTunes and other digital music distributors:

Hello! I'm going to Nerdfest, and I am absolutely over-the-moon about getting to see you in concert! My only question is: I heard there's a panel and an autograph signing on Friday, before the concert- and, now that I've looked for that info, I can't find it. Is that true, or is all the extra-juicy-fun-woah-look-at-the-giraffes stuff happening on Saturday? Hope y'can respond!

All that we have scheduled for Nerdfest is the concert on Friday night.
Unfortunately an official panel and autograph signing isn’t a part of this event…

However, while we have nothing official scheduled with the con other than the concert…we will be around Saturday at the festival, selling merchandise at our merch booth, and doing impromptu autographs and all that jazz!

With the new music video coming out, when's the next SPG half hour coming out?

We will be scheduling one eventually!
That and another live Q and A video.

It’ll probably be after we get back from Orlando Nerdfest though…

Bunny and I just recently changed apartments and we’ve been busy moving stuff and getting our business paperwork in order…you know fun stupid grownup stuff :/

But we’ll make an announcement sometime after we get back from Florida :)

Do you really have a wife and child

I am not married, and have no children.

This is a useless question but do you know if you will be getting any more steam powered giraffe wristbands any time soon? I know you guys are super busy so its not a big deal. lol

We do have plans on getting more wristbands soon!

We wanted to restock our CDs on our website and at shows first, since we’ve been sold out for months…but since that’s happening this week with the CDs arrival, we’ll be restocking our other merch items soon! :)

You guys want a new music video today?

I heard you guys like music videos, so we made one, and we’re gunna post it, and maybe you will watch, and maybe you’ll like it…and maybe you’ll wait around with anticipation as I add the annotation links attheendofitrightnow.

Hang tight!


A Way Into Your Heart…with Michael Reed! | photo by trekkiebeth


A Way Into Your Heart…with Michael Reed! | photo by trekkiebeth

We just got more Album One CDs in stock! Look for them for sale on our website along with 2-Cent Show later this week!

We just got more Album One CDs in stock! Look for them for sale on our website along with 2-Cent Show later this week!

It’s been a crazy last two weeks with our appearance at San Diego Pride, our Comic-con show, and attending San Diego Comic-con itself…

But we have a few moments to get more content out to you all now!

We just posted a new one-shot comic by Samuel Luke on our website about Hatchworth, and tomorrow we will be posting a brand new music video to our YouTube channel! Yay!





"oh god not another one"

It’d be different if it was a picture of just me out of makeup doing that pose…

But since it’s a character, it’s way less embarrassing getting asked to sign this print.

We’re just providing you all with what you want based on sale numbers XD.