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I hear you are quite a fan of Miss Amanda Palmer. So I think you might know the answer to this question. Is The Dresden Dolls a band of hers? Is she still in it? Forgive me if I am behind on anything, for I've only known about her through your influence and good comments towards her and her music.

Amanda Palmer was in The Dresden Dolls and that’s how I became a fan of her.

The band was mostly composed of her on piano and Brian on drums.

The band is no longer around, but Amanda Palmer is still off creating wonderful music, art, literature, and inspiring tons of young adults in life, love, and the arts :3

If you enjoyed even a bit of The Dresden Dolls, there’s plenty to love about her solo work :)

Hey, David-- just wanted to drop in and say you all really have made this the best weekend of my entire life, and getting to hug, chill, watch and take pictures with all of you guys just about made my year. (Or, y'know, life.) I appreciate you all being here and doing what you do. <3

Thanks for the love and support!
We’ve had a blast at Orlando Nerd Fest!


Firstly, most of the stuff I’ve read about my departure has been close to accurate. We (the band) officially announced my stepping down at a panel at Orlando Nerd Fest. I love this job and all the awesome people I’ve met at shows and conventions. But sadly, with another semester approaching I did…

not a headcanon, but my friend went to the spg concert yesterday and said that hatchy spent their disney world money on his fancy shoes so rabbit and the spine both started to cry


hatchy child nooooooooo

Merch almost gone!

We are almost out of merchandise at Nerd Fest.

We have 8 MK III’s, 1 Album One, 3 Hatchworth Wristbands, and 4 Steve Negrete Wristbands.

Come on down to our merch booth in front of the Fidalgo Bay Café and buy the rest of it! :D

No Livestream everyone!

Unfortunately the wifi and cellular signal here is too congested so we won’t be Livestreaming from the event.

Hey there David, I'm that fan from yesterday (if you remember me xD) that said I was from Brazil. Sadly I can't be at nerd fest today because my parents parents wanted to go to Disney, but I wanted to thank you for making my trip amazing! :)

Have fun at Disney!

It was a pleasure seeing you again!
Safe travels!

You all were amazing last night! A dream come true for my daughter, her friend and myself. Were you suprised at the large fan base here in Florida? The room was packed to see your show! Looking forward to getting a selfie and hug with you!

Glad you guys enjoyed the show!

We’ll be around the festival the rest of the weekend, so it should be no issue getting a selfie!

Has anyone ever told you that Steve looks like jack sparrow?

I’ve never heard that before.

You should totally tell Steve!

He loves Jack Sparrow!
Biggest Jack Sparrow fan there is!
Steve Negrete.

David, I just wanted to say that your concert last night was amazing. I drove an hour and a half to come see you guys (and ended up so lost in Orlando that we missed your autograph session yesterday!) but it was ENTIRELY worth it. You guys were amazing and it was INCREDIBLY sweet of you guys to do that shoutout to my parents for their anniversary. You guys made their night. Thank you so much!

Glad you made it out and enjoyed the show!
Best wishes to your folks! :)

Orlando Nerd Fest Saturday Schedule!

Today we don’t have any official scheduled stuff, but we plan on doing autographs at our merch table at 3:00pm.

We don’t have much merch left, but feel free to swing by and pickup what we have left. :)

We will be hanging around Nerd Fest the rest of the day, so if you run into any of us, feel free to stop us and ask for a hug/handshake/high-five!


Best. Concert. Ever.
I cried through the whole thing because in the past 4 years I never thought I’d see SPG. And even less likely that I would meet them. And I didn’t think that in a million years id get to see them front and center. But I got to do all of those things.
I waited in relatively the same spot for 4 hours and talked to awesome people and saw awesome bands.
I got a set list from Vivid and Hatchworth’s guitar pick!


Oh. My. God. My wife and I finally saw SPG in person and it was the most amazing show I’ve ever seen. We drove about 9-10 hour to get to them so we missed the panel, but still caught the show. I can not wait till see them again sometime on the east coast! Their movements were great and the improv hilarious. Also… ‘After Earth’ :p

bunnybennett & davidmichaelbennett can’t wait to see you guys perform again sometime.


Steam Powered Giraffe was amazing!

I am a relatively new fan and obsessed with Steam Powered Giraffe and particularly infatuated with you and Bunny! Your vocals, range and harmonizing is addictive! I can't wait to get home from work every day and listen to your amazing voice! (over and over and over, etc.) Any chance you will ever be performing near Dallas?

We will be in Texas next month!