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Guess what you’re doing at 4 PM PST (7 PM EST)?

…Whatever it is that you’re doing. But when you’re all finished, you can come back tomorrow and watch The SPG Half Hour on our YouTube!

Or you can catch it LIVE in just a few short hours!

Good day David! A friend mentioned something interesting to me about your cover of Diamonds. She noticed that around 3:00 into the song there is a voice that picks up that she couldn't recognize. I then sat there and listened to the song over and over again (oh man was that tortuous ;P) but also could decipher the voice. I was wondering who else sings with you in the cover? I'm assuming Bunny does G.G's parts but is there anyone else? Thanks! Keep being awesome!

The song does have Bunny as GG near the end, but the other voices are me harmonizing with myself :)


Steam Powered Giraffe The Comic
Illustration By Bunny BennettColored By Gabi Gonzalez
Hi David... You and SPG are probably my biggest performance inspirations, and you guys really inspire me to follow my dream of becoming a performer. But lately I've been having a really big problem that's stopping my art. My parents are getting divorced, I'm steadily losing my closest friend to drug abuse, and I've just found out today that my boyfriend left for New York without telling me for "school", with another girl. Everything is being pulled out from under me. I'm drowning. Any advice?

"If you’re going through hell, keep going." -Winston Churchill.

I think that sums up my feelings.

I wish I had the time to convey more specific ideas…but if I had to say anything…I’d just quote Winston Churchill.

you are by far one of the most realistic people i know of (and at some points you can be a pessimist) and this isn't really a question at all but, i have so much respect for you... most people i know wouldn't have answered those question, they'd down right ignore them... but, the fact that you actually gave an answer (and a good answer) is the reason why i think your awesome


I never claim to know anything or have answers or even be “correct”.

But sharing my knowledge as I see the world, based on my life and experiences is something I’ll do if asked.

I hope people do find it helpful, informative, or at least interesting.

I am somewhere between being realistic and being a pessimist :P

I think it’s served me well so far in life :)



Gabi & The Spine | photo by trekkiebeth

Lmao Beth! XD I don’t even know how you got this but oh man yes hahWe’re so clever hurrrr x3



Gabi & The Spine | photo by trekkiebeth

Lmao Beth! XD I don’t even know how you got this but oh man yes hah
We’re so clever hurrrr x3

Do you take medications to help with your depression? Or what's your stance on medications? I've been taking stuff for a while now, and it helps me most of the time (It was prescribed to me by a doctor of course) but many people look down on me, sometimes throwing out names like "popper". I apologize if this is too personal. If so, feel free to just ignore it.

I don’t take any medication.

That’s just my personal choice.

I’ve taken medication for potentially life threatening stuff like….bronchitis and whatnot, but nothing else.

Heck, I don’t even take aspirin.

None of us want to feel less than the rest of society due to genetics or whatnot or any developed medical issues….

While I do understand that some people require medication to live and/or function in society, I feel that I am functioning just fine.

The way I see it…
There are tons of people in the world who “could” be on medication, but with so many people with issues…when does it become “normal” to take a pill?
I think that’s up to an individual most of the time.

I’ve seen first hand when someone who requires medication to function in society doesn’t, and it was not pretty.

Based on that alone I should be an advocate for it all…

But I dunno…
I still feel that the human brain can stretch farther than we think it can to overcome certain things….
However, that limit is different for each issue and it’s also ridiculous to think some mental health issues could be cured purely with an individuals will alone.

But I like to think the majority could be…

Maybe I am unrealistic.

I don’t think being depressed is “something wrong”.

I think being depressed is a side effect of a multitude of things that are out of an individual’s control, along with things that are in an individual’s control.

Everyone is capable of being depressed…and for most of us….even when we are depressed it doesn’t last too long.
Depressions is a bit different than being sad or “down on yourself” but they can all go hand in hand.

Anywho, you do what you feel you need to do to live the best possible life for yourself.

Some people will swear to you that you need to do something specifically though.

While advice is always nice…some people just don’t understand due to not ever being in another person’s shoes.

It can be hard and almost impossible to convey things like this to other people… Because solutions to these things seem so obvious or easy to outsiders.
…and they are I suppose.
But at the same time they are not.

For me….my low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression stems from my pretty crappy upbringing through parents and school.

I personally feel I’ve made leaps and bounds….but people have still given me flak about not being able to “get over the past”. That’s not really what it’s about when growing up. I have a long list of terrible shit that most people would find hard to get over…
While “getting over the past” is a solution sometimes…sometimes what you know based on your upbringing is what you know and come to expect from the world. Our brains like to keep us safe….simple as that….so it creates flags for us for our future.

But willpower can cure all of that right?

Probably not…

I’ll let you know when I am in my old age and can reflect on my entire life. :P

You and Sam played music before SPG, right? Did you perform any gigs as a not SPG artist before the robot act arose?

For me…Not really.

I did a talent show in High School, but the group sucked and I was just roped into it by a friend.

While I’ve certainly been making songs and recordings before SPG, I’ve never performed live music before SPG.

Sam has done his own live music stuff well before SPG though.

Hey David! I needed to ask you something. why don't you have any instrumentals for the bands songs? I tried to make some with multiple amounts of music software but it either doesn't work or it gets rid of the main vocals only and keeps the back. ( In Ghost Grinder for example. I can't hear your voice at the beginning but I can hear Bunny's and Sam's.) So I was just wondering if there is a reason you don't make them and if not, pls make them?

We thought about it multiple times over the years, but in the end we ultimately decided that it just didn’t seem right.

While the instrumentation is all fun and fantastic (you can hear some stripped-down tracks without vocals as pre-show music at some of our shows), giving this music to people to be consumed and therefore giving them access to it all just isn’t smart on our part due to highly unlikely but realistic downsides for us.

I won’t go into it more than that, as I don’t think sharing our fears is a good thing. Ha.

David, this is kinda of a weird question but, if you are feeling down about one part of your life but really super awesome about the rest of it how do you fight the urge to want to just give up and cry? I feel alone at times, like I need a pick me up but I never see the light. Have you ever gone through this? If so, how did you find your way again?

Every second of everyday for me.

Make no mistake, happiness is a choice…

But there are medical reasons why some people would have a harder time being happy consistently.

It’s not about your life or status or any of those things. People who have it terrible can be happy, and the same is true the opposite way with people who “have it good”.

Just know that the longer you are depressed, things get damaged in your brain….medical things that help you be happy. You want those things in your brain.

Some of us are also born with medical crap that puts us in worse shape for “being happy”, so it’s easy to see how some people can just be depressed all the time.

I’d be lying if I said I’ve never gotten flak about being too depressing or gloomy before….I have been.
It’s definitely a struggle to “see the good” for me.

Some of it is self-induced and we are creatures of habit….

But just know that it’s a multitude of things that cause any of us to be unhappy…

So just because some of us might be predisposed to being unhappy more than others, that doesn’t mean we have to shoot ourselves in the foot more by falling into bad habits.

Smile more.

It tricks your brain into being happy.
No joke.

Start there and then try and make conscious decisions about being happy.

Don’t make excuses for being unhappy, because everyone has millions of reasons to be unhappy….sure some people more than others….but even in the worse times, being happy is not impossible.

People gravitate towards happy people too, and it’s infectious. So approach situations positively….accept any mistakes you may have done aswell as what might be unchangeable by you specifically….then be happy for the reasons that make you happy.

My girlfriend Gabi makes me happy, and my small amount of time with her each week definitely makes my life that much better and gives me the positive energy I need to get through another week.

Some other ways to get happier….

Make sure you are well nourished and not hungry all the time. Eat healthier foods. Working too hard and not eating always puts me in a bad mood and changes my outlook on everything.

Get your blood flowing early in the day.
Take a walk or a hike, get your whole body moving. Your body and mind are one and when you prepare it for a day by activating it, it’ll respond much better to what you throw at it.

Just laugh at things. Laugh at things that scare you, upset you, or make you uncomfortable. Realize the ridiculousness of it all and know that there is humor even in the worst of situations. Don’t take everything too seriously….that’s a lot of pressure on your mind.
Find the balance between being slightly anxious and relaxed, your mind and body will perform better than being too anxious and worried or too relaxed mentally.

That’s all I’ve got.

I am sure plenty of people envy people who’s happiness comes naturally…but let’s face it…
There’s probably a bigger majority of unhappy people in the world, or at least and equal amount.

Modern society, preservatives and chemicals in foods, and poor upbringings have hindered a lot of us, but in the end, choosing and making efforts to be happy is way better than giving up.

Hey David! I was wondering what kind of concerts you do prefer: the ones with a standing audience or the ones with the fans seated. 'Cause over here in Germany, a concert with seats is a terrible idea for most of the bands - you only put chairs up for classical music or jazz or something similar.

I think our act works best in a theater setting like a play or musical theater show…
But our act is versatile and we can be a standing only concert band or a seated stage show.

Some conventions have nothing but chairs at their concerts….the idea being that most people don’t want to stand after a long weekend fill of standing and walking around a hotel….
But the opposite has also been true….with standing room only.

It’s really up to the event organizers and fire codes.

I don’t mind either way, but I know equal amount of fans like it one way or the other.

Just to let you know, the forums are down D: Please fix it! I have a fanfic trade to post!

Sadly our website host is having an outage due to equipment failure. Consequently our forums, the Engineer-eteer site, and our main website are all down.

They’ve been working on it all day.
We are one of hundreds of sites currently down.


Should be up by tomorrow!


The Steam Powered Giraffe ComicArtwork By Bunny Bennett

I was gunna reblog this with a bunch of logic and explanation of how humans are vastly different than animals, but then I realized that would be stupid.

Have I every told you all how great the cartoon Rick and Morty is?

Go watch season 1 right now.