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In turn back the clock,and a couple other songs in album three there is orchestral parts, ive kinda always wondered is it actually orchestra instruments or recordings on a keyboard type thing? It sounds great with orchestra instruments btw

Good question. :)

Some of our recordings are actually real orchestral instruments that we’ve personally recorded, like the string sections on Clockwork Vaudeville, but on something like Turn Back the Clock we’ve used something known as VST instruments.

They are real recordings of each instrument from a library of tens of thousands variations of the instruments. Using midi charts, we are able to drive the instrument (called VST instruments) and create the sounds you hear.

Things like velocity, after touch, and other modifiers allow the notes to be more than simply single recordings of the instruments playing certain notes, because each instruments holds a wide pool of samples for each note…played softly, loudly, with vibrato, etc…
There are tons of way to play violins, cellos, and tubas, and these VST instruments have an impressive range of samples in each note.

Some VST instruments are more complex than others, and the less complex ones are nothing more than a keyboard playing one sample over and over again but pitch shifting it digitally to be the right note….but those always sound like crap. You can definitely hear the difference between the two, and we think that making use of VST instruments when we feel it’s appropriate helps us achieve sounds we might otherwise not have access to due to our small size.

Given the chance though, we would totally let John Williams orchestrate an orchestra over one of our albums.

I think a show with a live orchestra playing along side us would be pretty sweet too. :3

So, I read in a past Q/A post that you have spinal stenosis and are discussing options with your doctor. Do you also have bone degeneration or disc herniation? What do you find to be the best method for dealing with the pain? I ask because just a little over two weeks ago I had a lamanectomy, discectomy, and spinal fusion between the L5-S1 vertebrae with hardware placed, but I still have bone degeneration and stenosis, as well. Any advice is helpful!! Thank you!

I actually just have degenerative disc disease.

Which is called a disease…but in fact everyone gets it in their lifetime…just not usually at a young age. It’s genetic, and sadly my lower disc are degenerated to the point where they are slightly bulging out and putting pressure on my sciatic nerve.

I’ve been dealing with it for a little over two years, and haven’t been to a doctor since trying some epidurals.

None of what I tried work accept for stretching.
So that’s what I do now…I do stretching, and it keeps the pain at bay.

It’s just something I have to be aware of for the rest of my life, but I am managing it pretty well.

I’ve only had three major events over the last two years where I’ve been incapacitated, but since I know how to deal with it now, I can usually recover within a week.

The best stretch that I do is the one where you lay on your back and pull your knees to your chest and hold.

That’s all the advice I can give on that.

Best wishes!

How do you pack your spines? Do you have a special method so they don't get smooshed or do you carry them separately?

They are pretty thick aluminum and couldn’t be damaged or bent by hand…or by dropping them or anything like that.

I simply hang them with my vest in a garment bag and throw it all in a suitcase.

Hey, this may seem like a totally ridiculous question, but are you guys gonna make any changes to the 2 cent show album since Matt and Mike left? (odd question cuz im impatient for the album to re-stock :P)

Matt wasn’t in the band when The Two Cent Show album was created, but no, we will not be making any changes to it.

After seeing the picture of your Spine outfit, it got me curious: Have you ever had to explain the costumes to airport security, and/or, what's the weirdest travel story you (or the band as a whole) have?

Nope, never had issues.
The costumes are always in our checked bags. We only carry on small stuff like phones and laptops.

However, a few times I was stopped because I had a carry on bag full of CDs and coin rolls with coins in them.

I guess the coin rolls looked like something else.

It wasn’t very humorous though.
I explained and went on my way.

I wish that story was more interesting…
Hm. But no, no, never had any issues. :)

Hi sir, your livestream doesn't seem to work, no one can load it :/

Yeah, it looks like the cellular signal was very spotty and the stream dropped almost as soon as I started, oh well.

Hey David, I was wondering, for you "Live" cd that you guys have, I noticed that you can't buy it in an actual cd form and only on itunes. I was wondering why that was ^_^;; Could you please explain it?

It never sold well and we literally sat on the first batch of CDs we ordered for two years or so.

So now it’s digital only :)

Packing for the weekend.

Packing for the weekend.

hey David, ive been wondering, do you guys record your songs at a studio, or do you havee your own software and everything to use?

We record everything at our apartment.

It’s makeshift, but it works.

I ain’t paying no one for studio time. There’s a lot of people right out of college that think they know how to use the equipment and software, but they don’t.

I can literally wake up, walk a few feet and record a song naked if I want to.

Learning something yourself feels gratifying and is definitely great for your brain. :D

Hi c: I was wondering what gets you motivated to write a song and if there's anything you do that helps you through writer's block. I was thinking it would be cool to write my own little song, but I don't know how to go about it. Thank you if you answer ^-^

In the past I definitely had to be in the right mood and mind frame to write songs…I am not exactly sure what that was, but I did hit my fair share of writer’s block as it were.

However…for the past few years I have not had any problems writing songs.
It’s gotten to the point where I sometimes don’t even consciously think about writing songs and they just happen in my head.

I chalk this up to the years and years of trying to write songs.

I believe that just like any “skill” that you can develop and get into muscle memory, song writing can become automatic.

Granted I do focus a lot when getting down to brass tacks with a song….but I am literally overflowing with song ideas at this point and have no shortage.
This is the same with tons of other creative stuff in Steam Powered Giraffe..

I am sure some of you can relate…
It’s almost as if my brain has a mind of it’s own when it comes to creative stuff…and it’s constantly pushing out new things.

Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming too…as real life does not move as fast as thoughts…and I’ve totally found myself drowning in ideas.

Luckily I’ve also practiced good organizational skills and never procrastinate….

Sometimes things in my life can seem chaotic in the methods I do things…but I’ve rarely had issues in the creative realms…

The lame business side of Steam Powered Giraffe is my only obstacle, and without having to deal with that, I would be golden.

But yeah Bunny and I will always have a hand in the business stuff, even if it’s passed on to other people in the future.
It’s our company after all. Hehe.

My advice for writer’s block is to put down whatever you’re getting frustrated with or drawing a blank with and approach the same thing but from a completely different angle. Writing a sad song? Put it aside and do a happy one.
I find that sometimes the brain just isn’t malleable in certain specific directions sometimes. :/

This new folder on Steam Powered Giraffe’s recording computer is starting to fill up with the beginnings of our space album. :3

This new folder on Steam Powered Giraffe’s recording computer is starting to fill up with the beginnings of our space album. :3


The Spine | photo by trekkiebeth


The Spine | photo by trekkiebeth

Just re-watched the South Park movie from 1999 with Gabi.

I forgot all about this song at the end credits.

I can’t believe Trey Parker and Matt Stone got Michael McDonald to actually sing it XD.


Gabi, The Spine, & Rabbit | photo by trekkiebeth


Gabi, The Spine, & Rabbit | photo by trekkiebeth

Technical Difficulties!


Due to technical difficulties, the SPG Half Hour is cancelled today. Sorry about that! We’ll catch up with you all when we’re back from Detroit later this month!


Sorry guys.

We just couldn’t get stuff working. :(