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I saw someone else ask about Realms Con and you mentioned that there are two concerts as of right now you will be performing. Are the concerts going to have the same Set list or will they be two different concerts? This will be my first time to a Con and to see SPG perform so I don't want to miss out on anything :)

We always do two different sets when doing two concerts at an event. :)

you probably got asked this before, i don't know, but why did you name your character The Spine? back problems? thought it sounded cool?

It was my alias back in the AOL days back in elementary school and middle school.

I role-played as a velociraptor named “Spine”.

My back problems didn’t come until later.

Of note though, I had my back x-rayed once and the doctor said it was the most perfect spine he had seen.

I like that as a fake origin story…but sadly that was well after SPG started.

My back problems deal with the discs in my back pinching my sciatic nerve…nothing bone related.


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Steam Powered Giraffe The Comic
Illustration By Bunny BennettColored By Gabi GonzalezStoryboard By Sam Luke
Welcome to Chapter 2! In case you thought we were on extended hiatus- well, we’re back to working on the pages. Of course, our touring schedule may make updating a little sporadic, but we all hope you enjoy the continuation of Steam Powered Giraffe The Comic!


Steam Powered Giraffe The Comic

Illustration By Bunny Bennett
Colored By Gabi Gonzalez
Storyboard By Sam Luke

Welcome to Chapter 2! In case you thought we were on extended hiatus- well, we’re back to working on the pages. Of course, our touring schedule may make updating a little sporadic, but we all hope you enjoy the continuation of Steam Powered Giraffe The Comic!

The Last Of Us Last Giraffe Plushie…of us..

The Last of Us Jug

Come and watch David Micahel Bennett “The Spine” play The Last of Us: Remastered on PS4!

Hi, David! Um, this is gonna sound super weird. But I was the person at the front of the line for the Friday autographs at Anime Midwest? And you hugged me on the livestream. All I wanted to say was thank you for being so nice, because I was literally so nervous, I couldn't stop shaking. You may not have realized it then, but you made it so much easier for me to get through the rest of the convention, just by being so kind when you were. Thank you so much. -Hayden

No problem Hayden!

We’re at the conventions for all you guys, and we love showing you our appreciation for your support! :)

Fans come in all shapes, sizes and ages! I will be 49 this year and a major fan of the group, will be fangirling big time in Orlando when I see you all. How does it feel to have fans flipping out over you that are old enough to be your parents? Lol

Back when we were a smaller group we had all walks of life watching our show while street performing. It was great to see parents watching us with their kids and kids watching us with their parents. It still happens to this day, and we enjoy our diverse demograph.

A fond memory we had while performing at The San Diego Zoo every summer for two years, was this pair of older ladies who visited us at least once a week and gave us bags of homemade cookies and fudge.

Apparently their husbands had passed away and see us at the zoo became the thing they did together.

It was touching…

We always tried to make the act accessible to people of all ages and interests from the get-go. We are definitely catering to people who can’t seem to get enough of the lore and whatnot though who seem to be younger and eating up all our content on the internet the most….but luckily our live shows are just as digestible as they ever have been.

Robots playing music.




?  ?? ?????? ?


I mean, I was only out for a couple of hours… I just get the feeling I missed something…

With the Aesthetic changes the band has gone through, how do you see SPG looking in 5 years time? 10 years?




We’re probably just going to wear giant solid color foam three dimensional shapes on stage. I’ll be a green pyramid, Hatchworth will be an orange sphere, and Rabbit will be a blue dodecahedron.

People will question our aesthetic choices…and we will simply flip them the bird under our giant solid color foam three dimensional shape costumes.

Art prompt?


…I know the arms and legs aren’t canon but I thought it would add some flare…

You guys have inspired me take all my written lyrics, actually learn to play an instrument, and set my songs to music. So far I'm on the learning an instrument part...meh. Rome wasn't built in a day. Just wanted to say thank you all for existing and making music and ask- how long have you been playing guitar? Was it something you started as a kid and stuck with? I'm almost 19 and just now learning the ukulele.

I learned guitar when I was 16 or so.

I didn’t really play much until my college days though.

Sam Luke (Hatchworth) actually taught me a bunch about guitar in our weight training class in high school.

Hi David! I know you have back problems that keep you from sitting for long periods of time, so how do you sit through plane rides? Are the chairs very comfy?

I use one of them inflatable lumbar support back pillows.

Anything more than four hours is killer.

But at the same time…


I think I am stealing that from Louis C.K. a bit…


The continuity of the album names makes me really happy. How did it start? Did you guys decide from the beginning that you wanted to keep the numbers thing, or did it just kind of happen naturally? Like, "Oh whatever, just name it Album One" and then 2c Show rolls around and everybody goes "hey, why don't we just do this?" oops does that make sense

For whatever reason I was super adamant about having our first album called album one….because I like things ordered and simple and not confusing for people.

It changed into just keeping the number thing going on because it was cute.

what was the inspiration behind "it's cosmic"? (i really love it.. it's awesome :P)

A girl.